The Application Procedure of the Energy Conservation Labeling Program


1. (1) Network application: Applicant should complete the “Application Form” on the web site of Energy Conservation Label for Application with uploading the required documentation and the applying fee receipt or money order. The test report for application should be sent to the implementation organization. You have any questions , you can call 0800668268 with free of charge.
(2) Applying fee remittance account: Remit the applying fee to the BOE designated account 301 with No.270211, in the Central Bank of the Republic of China. The applicant should annotate the company name and the words ‘Energy Conservation Label’ in the remark area of remittance sheet.

2. If the submitted application is found to be incomplete, the implementation organization will inform the applicant by e-mail and by phone to submit the supplemental application documents within certain period depends on the time they need to prepare those documents. If application is still considered incomplete after the prescribed time period, implementation organization will inform the Energy Conservation Label Committee (the Committee) of this status.

3. If the application is determined to be completed, the implementation organization would proceed with the initial document review.

4. Within one month of the deadline of the application, the implementation organization shall complete the initial review of the application documents and forward them to the Committee for final approval or rejection of the application. If deemed necessary, this period may be extended to two months.

5. The Committee should conduct the final review, and the result of such review shall be sent to the applicant in writing by the implementation organization.

6. If the Committee approves of the application after its final review, the implementation organization should inform the applicant in writing to sign the agreement.

7. After signing the label usage agreement with the applicant, the implementation organization should inform the Committee, which then recommends the Bureau of Energy (BOE), MOEA to award the approved applicant with label usage certificate.

8. The implementation organization should create a file for the approved applicant (label user) and send to BOE for follow-up and monitoring of label usage.

9. The label user should submit prior quarter’s statistics on label usage and labeled product sales to implementation organization in the beginning of January, April, July and October each year. The implementation organization should file the submitted data in order to monitor and manage the label usage.

Source: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs