Energy Conservation Methods

The air-conditioner is the main cause of power consumption increasing during summer period. As the household power consumption is concerned, the air-conditioner plays the major role and the lighting and refrigerators plays the next. The appliances save energy or not, depend on purchasing, installation, usage, and maintenance. The rule of appliances-purchasing adopts appliances with energy label or high efficiency. Pay attention to maintain in normal time, it can promote efficiency.

1. Air-Conditioner:
  • Shut the window and door tightly.
  • When air-conditioner’s setting temperature rises 1℃, it will save 6% of power consumption.
  • Set adequate room temperature ( 26~28℃).
  • Clean up air-conditioner's heat exchanger or condenser regularly.
  • Apply heat-insulated material and sunshade to reduce indoor heat capacity.
  • Apply highly efficient air-conditioner with high Energy Efficiency Ratio(EER).
2. Refrigerator:
  • For the purpose of improving the efficiency of operation and heat dissipation, the location of refrigerators should keep away wall at least 10 centimeters and avoid the source of thermals like ovens and heaters.
  • Don’t put too much stuff inside the refrigerator; keep the 20 percent space in the chamber so as to let the air circulate easily.
  • Every time you open the refrigerator, the compressor must operate 10 minutes to recover its state of low-temperature. It would be better to reduce the times you open the refrigerator.

3. Lighting:
  • Utilize the natural light sources on lighting system, and install high-efficiency lamps with the HF electronic ballasts.
  • Manage lighting facilities by districting management system.
  • Paint the ceilings and walls in favor of reflecting effect with lighter colors.

Source: Taiwan Power Company